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With globalization & demand, Chikan embroidery has gone through a revolutionary change & now the embroidery is done on a variety of fabrics such as cotton, silk, chiffon, crepe, georgette,organdie, linin, teri-rubia, teri-voil, teri-cot, semi silk, polyester etc. Untwisted threads of cotton, rayon or silk of all colors are now being used for embroidery.

Chikan is a unique craft involving delicate and artistic hand embroidery In a variety of textile fabric like muslin, siIk, chiffon, organza, doriya and organdi. There are 36 types of stitches used in chikan work. of which murri, bakhia, jali, tepchi, tappa, dhum, katao are widely used to produce exquisite designs.

Chikan embroidery continues to be practiced as a handicraft, as all the workmanship is hand embroidery done by skilled karigars (workers). For those who like the royal taste, chikankari would certainly add to their personalities. is your one stop shop for Chikan cloths. We are leading Trader of Lucknowi Chikan Products having wide range and variety of Chikan which is liked by our clients worldwide.

History of Chikan

Chikankari is a heritage needle handicraft from Lucknow India now a geographical indication of the region practiced by nearly 100,000 women artisans. Chikan, an exquisite embroidery art form which was shaped & polished under the patronage of the Kings & Nawabs of Avadh (Lucknow) nearly four centuries ago. The fine needle work adorned the garments made from gossamer silk fabrics & muslin for the ruling elite. The love & labour of the artisans created delicate designs on fabrics taking inspiration from the intricate patterns of marble jaali and inlay work of the Mughal architecture & developed this indigenous form of artistic embroidery Chikan. The tradition of Chikan has come down families who served the ruling elite & the devotion & commitments of the artisans over the years have created delicate designs unmatched in beauty.

Lucknow chikan is perhaps one of the finest works of embroidery that one can find here in India. It is known for its exquisite style and fine needlework and is unparalleled when it comes to refinement. The Mughal queen Noor Jehan revived this style in 655 A.D. in India. Lucknowi chikankari gained an entirely new look as it was much preferred and supported by the Mughal rulers. This leads to further refinement and improvement of the Lucknow Chikan embroidery work. Today, Lucknowi chikankari is synonymous with fashion and is worn by almost every celebrity at least once.

Traditionally, the chikan embroidery was exclusive white items, decorations similar to the cotton, jamdani, and woven traditions. The Nawab Shujaudaula of Avadh was greatly attracted by this craft. It was his keen initiative and interest, which promoted this craft in present day Lucknow. Another record of the travellers of the sixteenth century describes that during the sixteenth century, white work from Bengal, was influenced by the Portuguese traders, the residents of the port Hugli, north of Calcutta of that time. The Bengali migrants who came from Dacca in eighteenth century to settle in Lucknow brought this art of surface ornamentation to Lucknow. Chikan work came into.

Company Profile is the brand name of the company PAS Exporters Private Limited that aims to provide the good quality of chikan cloth's to the customers at their door step.

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Statement of Commitments

To ensure constant efforts to maintain excellent employee welfare and high levels of Business Ethics in quality and services to customers and associates.

To be a global player in the area of ethnic wears with specialty in chikan apparels.

To constantly explore and implement appropriate expansion plans for our national and international business.

To expand product portfolio on an ongoing basis to ensure significant business growth.

To upgrade and effectively utilize operational resources to realize performance excellence.